Due to our passion for Deep-frying we collaborated our frying expertise. Come Fry with Us!

Five Chefs

Fry Me to the Moon

Lobster Rolls ... Yum ... My-O-My fried chicken & waffles.

All Frying Nation chefs were raised in Massachusetts, Connecticut & New York State. We met as teenagers at various resort, quick service, & roadside restaurants in Cape Cod during our summer holidays. From Martha's Vineyard to Provincetown .... We worked or ate in all the roadside stops. We have worked in over 30 various establishments from hotels, resorts, casinos, university & colleges, fine dining, casual dining & private golf clubs. We guess you could say we have covered it all from Arby's to Zaxby's not to mention Dairy Queen, 5-Guys, Wendy's Hamburgers, Cape Cod National Golf Club, & the Lobster Pot. We don't own the restaurants .... we make them run well.

Our love & passion for deep-fried food & deep-frying is what we'all have in common. Our aim is to provide relative deep-frying information to improve your fried food, frying equipment, & deep-frying practices. The key to a commercial kitchen success are the people. Staff must work with each other productively & efficiently (collaboration).

Deep-frying is an acquired skill. It is not learned over night. Cutting corners affects the taste, the appetizing golden brown color, & the oil life longevity. We are sharing our expertise, knowledge & product use in the art of deep-frying. Deep-frying cooks, much like wine, get better with age (experience).

Time to lean then time to clean

In many restaurant chains the dishwasher is responsible for changing the fryer oil, oil filtration, & fryer cleaning. Keeping the fryer clean (carbon free) is not skilled worked. It is labor intensive. Dishwashers, stewards, along with all restaurant employees must work in an environment with teamwork & enthusiam. Staff must work together to improve their skills. If the kitchen staff does not work as a team, the results will show in the final product, the food.

The days of belittling the dishwashers & prep staff must come to an end. Kitchen staff training as well as work enthusiam must be improving perpetually. When dishwashers start their first day, they must be trained that the dishes must be wiped off first before they are sanitized in the automatic dishwasher. Cutlery must be wiped down as it stains. Glassware must be checked for lipstick stains. These are simple examples, but training must be a key part in the continued success of a restaurant. Procedures must be documented and checked.

We hope that you prosper from our website. We will keep adding tips and suggestions to improve your deep-frying practices, staff knowledge & fry oil longevity. Keep your deep-fryers shiny, filtered, carbon-free & safe. We wish to have the Frying Nation website evolving. Please help us with a contibution of frying tips, if you can.

The path to consistency is paved with training. Consistency builds your brand. Inconsistency kills your brand.

Keep-on Frying & Trying

Fry oil up close

Great fried food depends on the taste, texture, aroma & golden color of the fried product.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”.

Benjamin Franklin