Doesn't every commercial kitchen use inexpensive Canola or Soy Oil? What factors have made your decision on your Fry Oil choice?

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Cooking oil: A commercial kitchens’ greatest ingredient expense. (if you have deep-fryers) There are many factors that make up a quality commercial deep-frying oil. Price, though important is not the key factor.

Taste & Texture

Among vegetable oils, canola, soybean, peanut, & safflower oil are the most used types, technically in the order listed. The most common by a mile are canola & soybean. Neutral tasting oils like soybean and canola are selected for their low price & versatility. However, they lack the stability needed to produce the perfect combination of taste & texture to bring your customers back. Using a quality frying oil like Fryer Fuel Advantage. Fryer Fuel Advantage makes your fried foods crispier & prevents flavor transfer between different foods that is common when using inferior oils (frying fries & onion rings in the same fryer).

Oil Quality

Oil stability is the key to delivering consistent quality fried foods throughout the whole day.

Fryer Fuel Advantage from Healthy Oil Brands, stays stable longer, which leads to perfectly golden-brown fried foods. When you fry with unstable oil, your food absorbs more oil than it should, leading to inferior food, additional oil usage, & soggy fried foods.

Don't make the mistake of utilizing inferior oils that have a low price but a high cost of use.

Increased Fry Oil Life

A new opportunity for foodservice operators is to extend the life of their frying oil without taste or performance compromises. Fry Fuel Advantage utilizes the latest in cutting edge technology to consistently out fry the competition. Versus commodity oils, Fryer Fuel Advantage , will double the fry oil life.

Economics & Efficiencies

Fryer Fuel Advantage saves 25% on net oil costs. Operational costs are often hidden & not accounted for. They can be very impactful to the bottom line. Fryer Fuel Advantage burns longer & cleaner (less carbon build-up), making the deep-fryers easier to clean.


Monounsaturated fats provide health benefits such as:

  • lowering blood cholesterol
  • lowering triglycerides
  • decreasing body weight & fat mass
  • increasing insulin sensitivity

Decreasing the risk of type-2 diabetes & lowering blood pressure rates are important. Commodity style oils are typically high in polyunsaturated fats, which do not deliver the benefits that monounsaturated fats do. Type-1 & TYpe-2 diabetics have significant blood sugar control issues with the consumption of products containing polyunsaturated fat.

Fryer Fuel Advantage is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fat highly comparable to olive oil. BTW - One of our chefs is a type-1 diabetic.


Waste vegetable oil (wvo) or used cooking oil (uco) from your deep-fryer, & grease trap waste never make the big list of sustainability in the restaurant industry.

Creating solutions that help make the world more sustainable is vital to Healthy Brand Oil & the future of our planet. Using Fryer Fuel Advantage instead of commodity oils allows chefs to get the job done using half the cases of oil (1/2) they would otherwise be using. Using less is positive for both the planet & your kitchens' operation. When your frying oil is broken down (spent) it still has life awaiting ahead in use of biofuels & soaps, & other industrial lubricants. Be sure you are working with a local recycler to not only give the oil a second life but also offset your oil costs by getting paid for your used vegetable oil. Using less oil is positive for both the planet & your kitchens' bottom line.

Vegetable oil is delivered by truck ... hmmm.
Used Cooking Oil (UCO) is picked up by truck ... hmmm.
Grease trap waste is picked up by truck .... hmmm.
Cut your new oil & waste oil pickups & deliveries in half.