Simple, Inexpensive Fry Oil Filtering but Extremely Dangerous

Cone Fry Oil Filtering

Least Expensive Oil Filtering

Cone-filtering is by far the least expensive method of fry oil filtering. You may purchase 50 cones for about $20. Dirt cheap. Everything is done by hand. Filters have typically 70-micron filtering capability. A grain of sand is 90-microns.

Danger Danger Will Robinson

Method-1 of cone-filtering is directly from the deep-fryer drain outlet thru the cone filter and into the empty oil container. The second method is straight to an empty oil container and then lifting and dumping the hot oil through the cone filter. Both methods require refilling & lifting the deep-fryer hot oil by hand. Even with proper safety equipment, (face shield, heat resistant apron, rubber gloves) this task is extremely dangerous.

Slippery floors will always be a part of a commercial kitchen. Empting a metal hot oil container by hand into the deep-fryer is insanity. If hot grease gets on your skin or in your eyes, it may be enough to ruin your cooking career.

F N Tip: If you burn your skin, put immediately into cold water, for 20-minutes. Cold water drops the temperature of the skin. Call an ambulance immediately. Don't think of using anything else but cool water (Butter or mustard is really stupid). Do not use ice. Do not wrap as the skin may get destroyed. Do not drain or pop a blister. Blistering is a feature of the body that starts the healing process. ZERO HERO Points for suffering from a burn. Infections are 100% certain to occur on severe burns.

Key cone-filtering Info

Advantages: Inexpensive

Disadvantages: Safety Hazard, Costly Insurance Liability, Worst Restaurant Job, High Staff Turnover

Frying Nation Award: 1/5

Word to the Wise: If my Kitchen Manager won't do it, neither will I.

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