Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) carbon build-up removal system (tank) for kitchen equipment & utensils

Shiny Pots and Pans with FOG Tank

Giant Labor Saver with 100% Results

The FOG Tank. I would have called it the no-more scrubbing pots & pans soak tank. The domain name would have been way too long.

The FOG Tank is insulated. The tank uses hot water and a powder to clean the carbon build-up from metal cookware (kitchen, bakery, food prep equipment). The tank is constructed of 304-grade stainless-steel. 304-grade stainless is pretty much a standard for all kitchen ware. It never wears out. The FOG Tank has a heater controlled by a thermostat. The insulated tank saves a ton of electricity.

As fats, oils, and grease (FOG) accumulate on metal and aluminum equipment, carbon builds up over time and forms a thick carbon crust, making cookware difficult & time consuming to clean. Carbon build-up creates a barrier that doesn't allow food to cook evenly. Similiar effect as cooking with a microwave oven. Using FOG Tank has improved the quality of our kitchen's cuisine, across the board. It is ridiculous working without a FOG Tank.

Open-kitchen concept? How could you operate without a FOG Tank?

Happy Dish Crews!

I never want to see dishwashers doing the monotonous job of scrubbing the carbon-buildup off the pots & pans & various other kitchen utensils. The staff hate doing it. I hate watching it. I hate paying them doing it. The FOG Tank takes care of this ridiculous time-wasting kitchen task with ease. We are now all "scrub-free" kitchens.

Secret Sauce (Powder)

The FOG Tank utilizes the proprietary Tiger Carbon Remover Powder®. The powder is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, stainless-steel & aluminum safe. Items removed from the tank are sanitized & bacteria-free. The wastewater is fully biodegradable. Pour the tank's solution down the floor drain. The water/solution is replaced monthly.

The FOG Tank Process

The FOG Tank is simple to setup & operate:

  1. Fill the tank with hot water (to Fill Line)
  2. Plug into the electrical socket, turn switch to "ON"
  3. Slowly add a package of Tiger Carbon-Remover Powder
  4. Stir the powder around for 30-seconds
  5. Load with carbon-stained cookware
  6. Walk Away Joe
  7. Empty Tank in about 8-hours **
  8. Get ready for next carbon-stained load

Key FOG Tank Info

Advantages: All Kitchen utensils soak overnight & carbon-free by morning!! Pots, pans, & even old fry-pans will shine. Scrubbing is eliminated. Grease Hood filters can be cleaned with FOG Tank. Why exchange or send them out? Considerable energy, labor & water savings.

Disadvantages: Tank takes a little space to store but rolls under most of our countertops. Water/powder must be changed monthly. Will not work with plated kitchenware (cheap stuff).

Frying Nation Rating: 4/5

Websites: FOG Tank & DohertyTech

Youtube Video: FOG Tank Carbon Remover

Spec Sheet: FOG Tank Specs

** Soaking times depend on carbon-buildup on your kitchen wares. (1 to 8-hours)