Oil Life is Doubled while fried food Absorbs noticeably less Oil. Fried food is hot & moist inside with a crisp, golden brown coating

Frylow Fryer Device

Slowing the Oxidation Of the Oil

Scientifically, oxidation of Fry Oil is the loss of electrons or negative charge. Frylow ceramic units act like a catalyst adding electrons back into the fryer oil. Electrons have a negative charge, as well, food is negatively charged. Like magnetic poles, the fried food and oil repel each other. Significantly less oil enters the fried food. The inside is hot & moist with a crisp coating that is golden in color. Our oil changes have been reduced from every 3-days to every 8-days.

The Fry Oil gets darker

With an improved heat transfer (convection) fryer temperatures are lowered to 340F from 350F. Cooking times are approximately 10% quicker. The fry oil gets darker while the fried food is light and golden in color. This is the reason that fry oil must never be changed by color but by taste, texture, and aroma of the fried food no matter what your frying equipment exists of. 3M FFA Fry Oil test strips are a true scientific test for determining your fry oil quality. 3M Test strips can be purchased from Frylow Sales Inc.

Frylow featuring ceramic tiles in stainess casing

Frylow comes in 3-different models depending on the size of the fryer. The standard unit (8-tile), shown above, is for fryers 35-70lb.

Key Frylow Information

Youtube Video-1: Science of Frylow

Youtube Video-2: Frylow Dark Oil Demo

Youtube Video-3: Customer Testimonial

Advantages: Inside stays hotter & juicier longer, (curbside pickup or delivery bonus) crisp coating, doubled fry oil life, lower frying temperatures, fried food absorbs less oil

Disadvantages: Oil still has to be filtered daily

Frying Nation Rating: 4.5/5

Word to the Wise: Great fit if you change the oil weekly or more. Fries last longer (stay hot) under heat lamps without getting soggy. Typical food delivery services (DoorDash, Grubhub, Ubereats ...) take at minimum 15-30 minutes for delivery times.