Inexpensive & Effective Oil Filtering without transferring the fryer oil by Hand

FryMate in chefs hand

Inexpensive Oil Filtering

This is an inexpensive & reusable fry oil filtering device. Rock solid in quality. With FryMate the food particles are filtered before falling to the bottom of the vat/tank, & turning into carbon. It is customary to empty out the screen/tray every hour or after each frying session. The Fryer oil is continuosly filtered without a constant carbon build-up on the bottom of the tank.

The fantastic feature of this product is the safety element. Kitchen staff never have to manipulate or move the hot oil during daily filtering. The chance for staff receiving fry oil skin burns are substantially reduced, & in most cases eliminated. FryMate is ordered by tank size (vat surface dimensions) or exact fryer manufacturer's model.

I don't know why commercial kitchens would cone-filter with this device readily available on the market. The safety advantage for the employees would be worth its weight in gold.

Stainless Steel & Sturdy

FryMate is a sturdy, stainless steel screen device with an extremely long lifespan. FryMate will last longer than the fryers. The need for skimming the oil surface is never required. A great frying utensil for a couple of hundred dollars. We have honestly never had the need to replace one.

Key FryMate Info

Advantages: Inexpensive, safety plus, no replaceable parts, super-effective, long lifespan.

Disadvantages: Fit must be precise

Frying Nation Rating: 4/5

Word to the Wise: FryMate is a must if you do not have self filtering fryers or portable filtering with a pump. FryMate is a must, to permanently replace the cone-filtering method of filtering at your restaurant.

Website: FryMate LLC

Youtube Video: FryMate Deep-Fry Filter