Pump-outs & terrible Odors No More

Goslyn Model 60

Stainless-Steel with No Moving Mechanical Parts

The Goslyn is one machine that may never wear-out at our kitchens. Stainless-Steel never rusts. No moving parts - never wears out.

We are thrilled to say that we never require a giant filthy truck coming to the facility, at 7:30am or even better at lunchtime that stinks to high-heaven. The fats, oil, & grease (FOG) are emptied daily. Food solids are trapped in a french fry looking basket on top. The Goslyn attaches to the 3-compartment sink & the automatic dishwasher (if required). The units are simple to empty. Recurring part purchases like filters are never required. The odor is minimal as the FOG is emptied daily. We are caring enough to not have dishwashing staff work in a stench for their whole shifts. We have seen someone eat the FOG from a Goslyn at a trade show but do not advise this practice.

Goslyn was designed to go under or near the 3-compartment sink. Pipes never get clogged as the grease is removed at the source. Wastewater tests have always complied with any state/county regulation that we have received. Drain snaking by the mechanical team or plumber is no longer an annual $1000 expense with a 1/2 day shutdown. Having the piece-of-mind that the kitchen doesn't reek nor will flood, makes my day. If you have never had the opportunity to smell a traditional grease interceptor, put a breast of chicken on the kitchen counter, leave for a month, add bugs. Breathing in deeply not required. Still in doubt? Ask a dishwasher who works beside a traditional grease trap.

Goslyn is simple to operate. The Fats, Oils, & Grease (FOG) that it collects is recycled with the used/spent vegetable oil from the kitchen deep-fryers. The unit has a basket inside that gathers food solids upto to 1/16th of an inch. The food solids are placed into the organics bin. It is great that we are getting paid for our grease waste as opposed to having it being a cost from a grease trap pump-out company. The collected grease is typically used for the future use of bio-diesel, soap or plant growing products. The Goslyn adds to our sustainability initiative across the board. No chemicals or enzymes needed as well as no bi-products going to landfill waste. One less noisy grease trap waste pumping truck arriving at our properties. (Much appreciated at hospitals, long-term care facilities & retirement homes)

Goslyn comes in various sizes handling anything from QSR chains to large hotels, & food processing plants. Lots of fats, oil, & grease in bacon.

Key Goslyn Info

Advantages: 100% Sustainable. No grease interceptor pumping maintenance costs. No terrible rancid odors. High grease recovery rate. Fully compliant & certified in the USA. 5-year warranty. We have units that are over 10-years old & work extremely well.

Disadvantages: More expensive that the rusting steel or lower quality PVC models that we have replaced. Must be maintained daily (2-minutes). Requires standard electricity to keep wastewater from hardening.

Word to the Wise: Avoid using any grease trap enzyme products. The FOG gets pushed further down the pipes. A plumber told us that it will harden like diamonds with pipe replacement likely.

Frying Nation Rating: 4.2/5

Website: Goslyn Grease Interceptor

Youtube Video: Goslyn Grease Interceptor