The Only way to stop slips & falls in a commercial kitchen is non-slip shoes

Slippery Commercial Kitchen Floor

Kitchen Safety is #1

With all of our kitchens utilizing deep-fryers & liquid spills being a constant annoyance, slips & falls are always a concern with us. Slips & falls, punctures, & burns make up over 95% of all kitchen accidents across America. Proper & safe footwear is of the utmost importance. Vangelo shoes, by Staffshoes are slip proof as well as can deflect hot temperatures of fry oil up to 350F. Boiling water spills are easily repelled.

If you have ever had the pleasure of trudging through a grease trap overflow the floor is super slippery. My Vangelo clogs were slip resistant. We then purchased a Goslyn Grease Interceptor & stopped that kitchen insanity for good.

Washable Kitchen Shoes

These shoes are so cool even the staff including the chefs at The White House wear Vangelo Slip-Resistant shoes. The look is very professional. We wear mainly the black colored pairs to keep our kitchen staff uniform. Vangelo shoes/clogs do come in Lime Green, Ritz White & 1-type has donut patterns printed on them. Vangelo clogs/shoes come in men/women sizes & styles.

After a 12 hour shift your feet don't stink. Throw them in the washing machine & dryer & start fresh the next day. If you don't have the time to dry the shoes just throw the insoles into the washing machine. The insoles are Ortholite. Ortholite enhance the comfort & cushioning while creating a cooler drier shoe.

We have relied on Vangelo shoes to avoid falls & with increased safety at the restaurants. Vangelo shoes have not let us down.

Key Vangelo Shoes Information

Youtube Video-1: Staff Shoes & Shirts Video

Advantages: Waterproof, slip-proof, & heat resistant to 350F, easy to wash with odor-control insoles

Disadvantages: None to speak of

Frying Nation Rating: 4.5/5