Gravity Pulls the Oil to the Filter cart, Cart Filters Fry Oil, Pump puts the Fry Oil back into Fryer, Staff never lift Hot Fry Oil containers

Portable Fry Oil Filtering Machine

Eliminates Hot Fry Oil Accidents

Portable fry oil filtering carts are a must if you do not have self filtering deep-fryers.

Filtering carts are made by many companies including Frymaster, Pitco, Miroil, Henny Penny, FryClone, & Vulcan. Miroil sells an additional cart to transfer the oil to the waste vegetable oil bin (WVO) typically sitting outside of the building.

If you manage or own a restaurant with deep-fryers, you must own one of these fry oil carts. The safety factor of an oil filter cart is so important. Slips and falls with burns handling the hot fry oil in a container is senseless. We believe that the practice of manually filtering and manually transferring hot fry oil to the WVO bin oil is just plain irresponsible. Do remember the reason we filter is to have "More Profitable Frying, with better fried product".

Portable Filter Machines should be matched up to the size of your fryers. If you have a 50LB fryer be sure that the cart you purchase can handle a little more fry oil than the size of your largest deep-fryer.

Fry Oil Polishing Powder

Fry oil polishing powders are put on the fry oil filtering paper in the cart & into the fryer tank. Powders work with self-filtering fryers & portable cart. (see mfgs direction for quantity & procedures)

Similiar to a magnet, fry oil powder attaches to food debris, & separates tainted fried food flavors from the oil. By attaching these impurities together, the compounds (powder + fry oil debris & impurities) stick to the filtering paper. The filtered oil minus the compound is returned to the fryer vat/tank.

The powder clumps on top of the filter paper/pad, oil passes through the normal filtering process, and is pumped back to the fryer vat/tank pretty clean. The decision to keep or discard the fry oil should be made after the oil is filtered.

The best way to determine the quality of fry oil is by the color, taste, aroma, and texture of the fried food. 3M FFA Fry Oil Test strips are a reliable scientific method of testing for fry oil quality.

The powder is made from food grade magnesium silicate. The powder removes free fatty acids (FFA) from the fry oil. Many powders on the market in combination with magnesium silicate, diatomaceous earth (food grade) powder is added. Diatomaceous earth powder (very Inexpensive), for lack of better terms, bleaches the oil giving back its preferred golden color. It is registered for use against cockroaches, bed bugs, crickets, ticks, fleas, & spiders. Scary.

Fry oil polishing powder brands well-known in the restaurant industry include Magnesol, MirOil, Henny Penny & FryClone. The list is much the same as the portable cart manufacturers (see above) except Magnesol. Magnesol is the most popular brand of fry powders as well likely the most expensive.

We prefer the straight food grade magnesium silicate (without Diatomaceous earth powder) as the results are guaranteed to be pure with a better bang for the buck.

Key Portable Filter Cart Notes

Advantages: Easy to operate & filter. No Heavy lifting of hot oil containers. Polishing powder is amazing. Safety, Safety, Safety.

Disadvantages: Fry oil carts take up room, space in a commercial kitchen can be extremely tight.

Frying Nation Rating: 4.25/5