Fully Automated, Insulated, Easy to Operate, Easy to Clean

Resfab Automated deep fryer

Affordable Top-of-the-Line Fryers

We have operated all major deep-fryer types from Pitco, FryMaster, Henny Penny, and Vulcan. These brands are all quality brands with reasonable costs to purchase.

Nothing stands out like the Resfab fully-automated deep-fryers. They are amazing deep-fryers from A to Z. The Touch Screen Controller makes day-to-day operation easy to use and learn. Employee's only require a few hours training to to get full use of the deep-fryer. A great benefit with huge staff turnover in kitchens. The filtering process is easy to manipulate with no touching of hot surfaces or movement of hot oil. The danger factor of deep-fryer operation is eliminated. This is a key factor on our new deep-fryer purchases in regards to employee safety.

Self Filtering System

The Auto-Filtering Process is designed for absolute simplicity. Kitchen staff/kitchen managers or stewards can simply touch the console screen three times. The fryer will perform the entire filtering cycle on its own. The filtering does not require replaceable paper filters. Resfab fryers utilize metal screen filters. Filtering 2-3 times or after a predetermined number of baskets fried, is easy to impliment. Fried food is noticeably superior with frequent filtering.

Resfab fryers will easily adapt to any automated oil system (Restaurant Technologies Inc. - RTI, Frontline International). This makes Refab fryer able to be completely touchless of new oil, filtered oil, or spent used oil that is ready for recycling. This is a dream for all restaurant operations managers. Complete safety regarding touchless hot oil handling with Resfab fryers.

Key Resfab Fryer Notes

Advantages: Easy to operate, clean, & filter. Support staff are #1. Insulated tank allows the oil to get back to required temperatures when returning to an upcoming frying period like lunch or dinner.

Disadvantages: Could not find any significant faults with the fryers. The units are remarkably easy to clean. We do wish we could program the units for various fried products remotely. This feature must be on the frying radar.

Frying Nation Rating: 4.75/5

Word to the Wise: If you have many deep-fryers in-house or in your chain, go positively with Resfab fryers

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